Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

We aren't huge on Halloween around here. Not super crazy decorate the whole house and act like its the best holiday in the world excited about it. But we have fun with it :) We pass out candy to cute little princess's and superheros that come knocking at the door and we go around and collect a few pieces of candy of our own. This year was no different.

We started off the festivities with a quick trip to the pumpkin patch a week before Halloween. We all got pumpkins and couldn't wait to carve them. But we did. Until 2 days before Halloween to be exact. I usually like to do it a few days before, but with Halloween landing on a Monday this year we waited until the weekend. 

Saturday when Sammy laid down for his morning nap (I know, I know I deprived him of the pumpkin carving experience) we got the pumpkins out and carved away! Joshua wasn't quite understanding that it wasn't for eating and ended up with a few bites out of his pumpkin 

And some orange pumpkin all over his face. He said "mmmm" every bite then spit it out and looked disgusted. 

But eventually he caught on and joined us in scraping out the "pumpkin guts" He wasn't to sure about the ooey, gooey, kinda cold pumpkin guts but stuck with it anyways. 

After carving our pumpkins at home Joshua and I went to my parents to help them carve theirs and Joshua got to paint his little pumpkin he picked out at the pumpkin patch. He loves painting (and trying to eat the paint) so he definitely liked the idea! (he was spelling his name in the picture that is why he has the "O" on his lips he says O-S-H, kind of forgets the J but its all good)

Then Monday was Halloween! He (obviously) doesn't remember last year at all and was kind of confused about the whole dressing up thing, but once he realized all the candy he was getting he was happy! Here is cute pirate Joshua

And my sleepy "sweet pea" Sammy

Apparently I didn't get very good pictures of him, hopefully my dad got a few!

Here is another one where you might be able to see him a little better.

Joshua loved running around my parents neighborhood with his 4 youngest aunts (the under 13 crowd) 

We had a ghost, a couple princesses, a mouse, a pirate and some peas! 

He also wanted to eat EVERY SINGLE piece of candy he got. He didn't understand he was supposed to "save it up and see how much you can get" (in the words of Lily)

I think he had a fun night, and hopefully next year he will be able to say "trick-or-treat" on his own and will have even more fun than this year! I hope you all had a great weekend and Halloween (yes I am aware it's Thursday  this week has just gotten away from me!)

Love Love ♥

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