Thursday, November 17, 2011

6 Month old Sammy

Really? My baby is 6 months old today? This little man, that I feel like I waited an eternity to meet has already been in our family for 6 whole months?!

Where in the world does the time go.

My oh my how you  have changed in six months little boy. You are no longer a newborn.

 You are sitting up like a pro, rolling EVERYWHERE imaginable.

 Getting up on your hands and knees, and even doing an army crawl to get places once in a while.

You have the sweetest smile I have ever seen, and you smile all the time. Even if I wake you up from a nap, you will smile at me right away. I love your little dimple.

You have so many people that love you Sam. You brighten my day every day. I am loving you more every day, I love watching you discover new things and try to keep up with Joshua.

I love you Samuel! I can't wait to see what God is going to use you for as you get older.

Love Love ♥

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