Monday, November 14, 2011

Every Day Adventures

I have always dreamed of being the "fun" Mom. The one who makes every day, ordinary things into adventures! My kids aren't really old enough yet to do a lot of the things I would love to do with them. So I just try to turn a boring thing into something that gets a smile or a laugh.

Last night Joshua got to finger paint. He LOVES paint of any kind, but when I TELL him to put his hands in it his eyes just light up. Being the bad blogger mom I am I forgot to take my camera out and get pictures of the painting. He are the finished products

He loves hanging everything on the fridge lately. Can ya tell?

But I think he almost had more fun washing his hands after we were done painting. Joshua loves the water, so I take advantage of a good mood whenever I can and let him play in the sink or the tub when I know he isn't gonna cause trouble. Last night after painting was a great time! I had to empty the dishwasher and wanted to sweep the kitchen so he spent 20 minutes sitting in the sink playing.

So much fun!! I hope you are all having a great Monday.


Love Love ♥

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