Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Goodbye Yellow

Our house is yellow. EVERYWHERE. Apparently the people that bought it and fixed it up thought yellow was a neutral color. It's not. I am SO sick of yellow. We are slowly (but surely) getting rid of this icky yellow that has been surrounding me for the last 10 months. We started off in the boys room, it ended up being red, white and blue with a Cars theme. This is changing soon though, its going to just be blue and white and it's changing to Thomas! Joshua has never seen cars, I just thought it was cute. Now that he's a little older, he loves Thomas and trains and its not to much work so its getting changed.

Next we did the bathroom, after the whole thing got torn apart I had the honors of choosing a color (NOT YELLOW) to paint. It ended up a light brownish and I love it!

This last weekend I finally got the paint and painted the entry way/stairway coming in the house. I have been wanting to do it for so long, but life is just to crazy! So Saturday night I taped up, did a couple coats of trim and the first coat of paint. It had to dry for a while so I planned on doing the second coat Sunday. Sunday evening Ryan and Joshua ran to the store while Sam was sleeping so I decided to finish. Worst. Idea. Ever. I had barely started when I was walking down the stairs with a roller full of paint, slipped and fell halfway down the stairs. Seriously, so painful. Ryan happened to pull into the driveway while this was happening so he walked in to me laying on the stairs in much pain.

The results of falling down the stairs:

I almost went to the doctor for my toe, I couldn't walk on for a while and that made me nervous. But since I don't have insurance and they don't do much for broken toes anyways I decided to wait it out. I'm still limping around a little but the swelling has gone down and it's straight again!

At least the entry way got painted though :) that was my goal all along. Ryan ended up finishing it on Tuesday. It took MUCH longer than I had planned on. 

I Love Love Love this color. It is much more neutral than the yellow it was before. Now to paint the rest of the house... After we change the floors and put in a new patio door. YAY!

Love Love ♥

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