Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Circus of the Heart

November is National adoption month. If you have read my blog much, or know me you know I am passionate about adoption. I have 7 younger brothers and sisters that have been adopted. My parents started adopting when I was about 8 year old, and the most recent one was just about a year ago. So they have been adopting for 14 years. Every year there is a little festival put on by Minnesota Department of Human Services, this year was in Oakdale MN.

Joshua and I went with my family while Sam and Daddy stayed home. Sam still can't get rid of this cough so he hasn't been going out much lately. Joshua had SO much fun though. He loves doing things with his Aunt's Megan and Lily. Well he loves doing things with all his aunts and uncles but him and Megan are best friends!

There were all kinds of games, some icky snakes, and yummy snacks!

Thanks for a fun Day Grandma and Grandpa! Love, Joshua

Love Love ♥

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