Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quick Hello :)

I know, I Know, it has been WAY to long since I have been on here. I was already falling behind when Ryan let his Dad take my laptop (our only computer right now), so now I am WAY behind. I am at my parents now so I figured I would say hello to my bloggy friends.

I had my 36 week OB appt today, doctor said everything looks good. He is guessing this baby will be close to the same size as Joshua was (right around 8 lbs). So I can definitely handle that! As long as he doesn't get to much bigger than that I will be happy :)

I hope to get my laptop back in the next couple days, so I will be back with some (CUTE) pictures of this beautiful weather and paying outside. I am so glad it is finally spring!! Have a great Tuesday friends. Love Love ♥

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