Friday, April 22, 2011

One of those days

Today has been one of those days. You know, the ones where your one year old is supposed to be sitting at the table eating to chips out of his bowl like a good boy. Then you turn away for 2 seconds and look back to him sitting on the table, with his sock on his hand, crushing every last one of those chips into millions of little pieces and then proceeding to wipe them all on the floor. And of course, that is the only kind of chip the dog refuses to eat. Yeah. One of those days.

The kind of day where you spend hours (literally) cleaning the whole house, making up for being lazy lately and then you walk back through it and it looks like the house hasn't been touched in days, if not weeks.

Day's like this don't usually get to me. But being 37 weeks pregnant with the most rambunctious 16 month old to ever step foot on this planet, it seems like everything is getting to me lately. Thankfully Joshua laid down without a fight, and I got to eat my EXTREMELY healthy lunch of rice and tater tots in peace :)

Ryan was supposed to be off at two and he just called and said they asked him to stay until 7. So of course he said yes, he's planning on taking at least a few days off when the baby comes so we are saving up to prepare for his unpaid time off. I think tonight we might get Chinese food for dinner since Ryan won't be here. I ♥ Chinese food! Thankfully Joshua isn't too picky. He doesn't like rice much, so as long as I get plenty of chicken I think he will be happy!

I hope everyone is having a good Friday! Ryan had Tuesday and Wednesday off so I'm not sure when our next weekend will be. Next Friday and Saturday possibly? He only works a few hours in the morning on Sunday so he will be here for Easter. Have a wonderful weekend friends! Love Love ♥

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