Friday, October 29, 2010

And this is why

And this is why our week was a lot more eventful than we planned :)

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Tuesday night there were some crazy strong wind here in Minnesota, as well as in Wisconsin. Ryan was working, and Joshua and I were just dropped off at Ryan's parents for the night. We were all in the living room hanging out, when the whole house went black. This was at about 7:30... I was getting ready to give Joshua a bath. Needless to say Joshua did not get a bath Tuesday night! We went to bed early hoping to have power in the morning. We woke up to a freezing house and a fridge full of warm, thawed out food on Wednesday morning. We went and got some ice to stick in the fridge with the hopes and saving any cold that was left in there. We went to my parents to wait for power, and ended up spending the night Wednesday night. We were so surprised the power wasn't back on when we woke up Thursday!

Thursday we took a mini road-trip to Wisconsin (Next Post) so Joshua could meet his great grandma and grandpa Strickland for the first time. He was so good for the 2 hour drive there and 2 hour drive back. He slept a little more than an hour each way and was nice and happy the rest of the time :) When we were on our way back Thursday evening around 7 we got the call that the power was back on! YIPPEEE!! We have power!!

I hope everyone had a great week, our weekend is just ending, Ryan had Thursday and Friday off. And sadly Ryan has to work on Joshers first Halloween and won't be trick or treating with us :( But we will take many, many pictures for Daddy! (And Yoooou!!) so enjoy your weekend blogger friends, and wish us luck as we head into our Monday. Love Love ♥

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Xenia said...

That's a long time to go without power! I'm glad everyone was okay and things worked out eventually... even if you had a little more warm food than usual. :)