Thursday, March 1, 2012

Its official!

I am a cloth diaper mommy! I have been using them regularly for almost 3 weeks now and pretty much exclusively for a week. I have only spent $6 on disposables in the last 3 weeks. Considering we used to spend $60 every two weeks I consider this money saving experiment a success. Okay so maybe I spent $100 on cloth diapers but they will pay for themselves in no time!

So, What are we using?
These little guys are so easy to use! I currently have 3 shells and 7 liners and I wash them every night. Eventually we will work our way up to washing every other but for now, this is working. I love how easy they are to use. At first I was just planning on cloth diapering at home but after deciding on these diapers I realized it was so easy to use them on the go, there was no reason not to do it!

The only issue I have is I can't seem to get these to stay dry over night. So we use the Blueberry basix AIO.

I love this one for at home, it is super absorbent. It's a little more bulky though so we stick to Grovia when we are out and about. I still, on occasion, wake up to wet boys.

Anyone have any advice on a good over night cloth diaper? What is your favorite for your little one?

Love Love ♥

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