Monday, March 26, 2012

A better Mom

I always feel like my boys deserve a better mom. I find myself thinking a lot, "I don't have patience! What was a thinking having kids 17 months apart?" But today, we have a had a really good day. I have realized that honestly, the way our day goes depends on me more than them. It's all about how I react to the things that happen, and how I act towards them. Joshua is in a "NO" phase. Well more of a "Unh-Uuhhh" phase. Man is it annoying.

Mom: "Joshua come eat your hot dog for lunch" Josh:  "Unh-Uhhhh" (then realizing what he said now to, he runs to the table to eat)
Mom: "Josh why don't you go potty so we can go outside and play" Josh: "Unh-Uhh" (followed by a 5 minute fight to get him to go pee so he doesn't pee his pants outside)

You get the idea. It is getting real old, real fast.

But today I tried something new. We were getting ready to go to the gym, I told him to go to the bathroom before we get his diaper on to go to the gym. He, of course, said "Unh-Uhhh" and I said "okay we won't go to the gym them" I went about my business, put some dishes away and went to get the broom out to sweep. The minute he realized that we weren't going to gym, he ran to the toilet and went pee, brought me the diaper and said "Here, Mom" So I put on his diaper and we went to the gym.

I realized with that, he says "no" just to see how I am going to react. I don't give him the reaction, he listens. AMAZING!

I need to teach this little man how to react to things in life. Not with an arguing attitude, but with an accepting attitude. I plan to try this a little more. If Joshua is in a bad mood, then I probably shouldn't attempt to go anywhere anyways. So we will just stay home. If he is just pretending his bad mood, he will do what needs to be done and we will go on our way.

I am trying to remember that he is learning everything from me. It's kind of scary to think about!

Love Love ♥

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CChenoweth said...

You are a GREAT mom! It is all about a learning curve, and thanks to your kids being older than mine.. I got to learn this one from you! Thanks dear.