Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Finger paints anyone?

We have been doing a lot more crafts lately, Joshua loves hands on stuff so I have been trying to let him have at least one time a day where he can pick a craft and have at it. His favorite is finger paints! This is an idea we got off of a website (honestly I go on so many I don't remember which one) and he has done it multiple times already.
                           1. Put as many colors of finger paint on a pizza pan or cookie sheet

"I paint?"

2. Spread it all around


3. Try different things to see what they look like

trying q-tips and cotton balls

4. Press a piece of paper on the pan

Now push as hard as you can!!


And Voila

The finished product, framed in the living room :)

What is your little ones favorite craft? 

Love Love ♥

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