Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beautiful Weather=No Time to Blog!

I feel like I was doing so good blogging for a couple weeks (days?) there. Then this BEAUTIFUL weather came upon us and I am once again MIA. We have been busy doing things like staying outside from 9:30-7:00. Seriously that happened a few times. By the time I thought about dinner it was really time for bed! I love the beautiful sunshine in March though. We had a few 80 degree days. Yes, I am still in Minnesota! The last few days have been rainy, but we have still had time to get outside for a while and ride bikes and go on walks. I love how good the boys sleep after a full day of sun!

A look at our life the last couple weeks via cell phone pictures. Enjoy!

Taking Sammy for a little walk

Playing with the umbrella

Exhausted after a full day of playing outside and visiting family

First Bonfire of the year!

I found some old pictures while doing some spring cleaning :) Me and my sister Janelle

Doing a little thrift store shopping on a rainy day!

Beautiful sunset on an evening walk

Looking for birds with Auntie Meg

We have been busy busy enjoying this weather and are hoping it doesn't go away any time soon! I would love the weather to be like this year round. Who says global warming is a bad thing :)

Love Love ♥

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