Friday, February 10, 2012

Cloth diapers anyone?

I have been seriously researching cloth diapers the last few days, it's something that I have always secretly wanted to try but I've had no idea where to start. So, how about here Life with my littles is giving away a SoftBums Omni diaper for FREE. This is one I have been looking into so of course I decided to enter. There are so many options out there I am kind of overwhelmed. Everyone is telling me what the "best" ones are. I wish I could just try them all and decide, without having to pay for them first! If only... Any suggestions on the best ones out there? Anyone used the Softbums omni diaper? PLEASE leave some advice for an overwhelmed momma! Oh an stop by Life with my Littles before midnight on Feb 11 and enter to win your own :) Love Love ♥

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