Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We've been busy

So I'd like to say we've been off having some amazing adventures, to be able to tell you we have been scuba diving and swimming with dolphins in the ocean. Oh how I wish we were somewhere warm right now! But, instead I will tell you the truth. The plain ol boring truth. We have been busy, not even going places busy, just having a 2 year old with the chicken pox and a 9 month old learning to be a huge trouble maker busy. It has been 2 weeks since my little man got the chicken pox.
Not the most attractive picture, but hey, who said that sick kids had to be attractive all the time? He also ended up with some sort of rash covering 90% of his body. The doctor said its a virus all of its own and has nothing to do with the chicken pox. Of Course..
this was a few days ago and he is finally not all red. Still quite bumpy but hopefully he will be all healed up soon! My little Sammy is growing up way to fast. He is such a ham and this is the face I get when I tell him to say "cheese"
What a goof. I am so over cold weather. I want to go barefoot outside and not freeze. I want to wear shorts and tank tops and see the sun once in a while! I had forgotten how gray and depressing Minnesota winter is. Today was actually a pretty nice day and Joshua and I got outside for a few minutes
Oh how I can't wait to be able to just let him play outside all day. This summer we are going to LIVE outside.
Dear summer,
PLEASE hurry up and make your way up north.
Love, A Mommy who is sick of saying NO.
Love Love ♥

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