Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thanks Daddy :)

My Dad is an awesome photographer. Seriously I love his pictures :) This last week we did 2 different photo shoots of the boys, one I thought would be fun to do at the park. Big mistake. Apparently when you go to a park with an almost 2 year old that loves slides, he doesn't wanna take pictures. He wants to actually PLAY. Crazy kid. But we got a few cute ones still.

 I love this one :)
 Smiley chunker!
 Too cute.

Then a few days later my parents wanted a picture of the boys to put on their wall. Since they did all the kids school pictures at a different spot they wanted a picture in the same spot of the boys. Makes sense! Try telling that to two little boys who don't like sitting still. Especially together. But once again, my awesome Daddy managed to get a few shots that I absolutely love!

 Handsome Joshie!

Nothing like brotherly love ♥

After much stress and some tears we have some pictures of my boys! 

Love Love ♥

If you need a photographer for ANYTHING, you should try my Dad :) He is very reasonably priced and an awesome photographer and person. Seriously, check him out

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