Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What a week!

Wow this last week has flown by, but is endless all at the same time!

Ryan's surgery was last Wednesday, he is still on the crutches and they want him to be off his ankle for 3 more weeks! I highly doubt that is going to happen, he is a very strong willed man. He started physical therapy and is getting really dizzy every time he has to do the exercises they gave him. The therapists said that it looks like his ankle has the potential for getting infected (Ugh) so we need to watch it closely and if it gets infected then he has to go back in. Pray it stays healthy so he doesn't have to have it reopened and rinsed out.

We are closing on our house next Friday!! I am so excited. We plan on moving the 22nd, at least getting a huge amount of moving done. Hopefully Ryan's work schedule will let us :)

I have been going non-stop the last week, chasing Joshua around, taking care of Ryan and starting to pack up a little. I think I may have over done it, because I woke up this morning with a horribly sore back and not feeling well at all. Today I am going to take it easy (as much as these guys will let me) and hopefully feel better tomorrow!

I hope everyone is having a great week so far Love Love ♥

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