Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quick update

I feel like its been forever since I've posted. I don't have much time and I'm holding a cranky baby but here's a quick update on my kiddos and our life!



My big boy loves pushing his own cart at coborns


He has his own sense of style and INSISTS on wearing what he wants


He actually watches TV now. I enjoy the quiet once in a while :)


He LOVE LOVE LOVES books and will sit still forever as long as I am reading to him


Mr. Sam is 4 months old now! He is getting way to big, way to fast.


Sammy is definitely a mamas boy and a cuddler! I LOVE it ♥


He loves sitting in his highchair and watching outside.

He has an ADORABLE smile and is looking more like Joshua every day!


He isn't as good of a sleeper as he used to be... but I'm hoping it will pass soon.

Ryan started his new job yesterday! He worked security at general mills for almost a year after he got out of the army, but his last day was Friday. He started at Airgas yesterday, a job he applied for the same time he applied to guardsmark. This is definitely more of a career and has potential for promotion. YAY!

K there is never anything new with me :) I'm taking care of two sick kids again and exhausted. I am hoping this won't last as long as the last bug. I went shopping last night by myself! And got some clothes FOR MYSELF! That doesn't happen to often.

I hope you are all having a great week! We are waiting for Joshua to wake up from his nap then we are heading to my parents for Taco Tuesday.

Love Love ♥

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