Friday, July 22, 2011

The Facts.

The facts of my life:

- I regularly use sentences like "get off your brother", "Stop eating dog food" and "Get out of the fridge" (literally)

- I have officially decided I have OCD. There are certain things I HAVE to do my way or I can't stop thinking about it. Like vacuuming for instance.

- My baby isn't a baby anymore. He is a toddler, and getting WAY to independent for me.


-I have been EXTREMELY blessed to have two boys who go to sleep so easily, lay them down and they are out in a few minutes with no fight.



- My baby-turned-toddler is ALMOST ready to get serious with potty training. More ready than I am I think.

- My husband is an amazing man.

- A day "out" now, is a trip to the park.


-My life is nothing like it thought it would be when I married my Army Man 4 years and 3 months ago. But it is SO much more than I could ever imagine and I am blessed to be here :)

Love Love ♥

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