Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy birthday little man

Joshua turned 2 on December 3rd. My oh my how time has flown by.

This sweet little baby

Has turned into this handsome little man

He has turned into a handsome little man that loves "Tommy" (Thomas the train), Strawberries (pretty much all fruit is "Strawberries"), and his little brother. I couldn't think of 3 better things to be totally in love with.

Joshua got to start his day off with his first present, A brand new table just for him! (well, and Sam when he gets old enough).

He loves it! He even ate his birthday breakfast there. The little stinker wouldn't let me get a good picture though. Such a goof ball!

My big boy even blew out his candle all by himself!

Oh Joshua, you are growing up way to fast! I don't know if I am ready to have a "big boy". I can handle babies just fine, but you are getting SO independent. One of your newest phrases to say is "Do Self". I'm not a big fan of this phrase. But I know you need to grow up, and I am so proud of the big boy you are becoming. You are so loving, extremely silly and love to make other people laugh. On second thought, I am ready to have a big boy, you are getting to be so much fun and I can't wait to experience new things with you every day! I can't wait until you can understand how amazing our God is and how much he has blessed you with little boy. But for now, you just keep liking Thomas, getting SUPER excited every night when Daddy gets home from work and giving me big sloppy kisses first thing in the morning. I love you so much and can't wait to watch you grow up.

Love Love ♥



CChenoweth said...

Happy Birthday Josh! Where did you find that table? I have been looking for one everywhere for Bri for Christmas.

MStrickland96 said...

I bought it off the internet. I think it was It only took like 3 days to get here! I love that it has 4 chairs. most of the other ones I saw online only had 2.