Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday... What a day!

Why does it always seem the weekends take FOREVER to get here and then they are gone just like that? Tomorrow is already Monday.. I am not ready for it!

It is only 8 and I am ready for bed! I thought Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest! We slept until almost 10:30, but I haven't sat down since then until now. We went MAJOR grocery shopping, then home to get stuff done around the house. Ryan did a lot outside while I got stuff done inside. It was a very productive day, but I am exhausted!

Meanwhile Joshua is napping right now... he has been for almost an hour and a half. Needless to say he won't be ready for bed when I am! Oh well we have a comfy couch and a nice big TV. I can sit up with him all night :) He is starting to get a cough now too so I feel bad waking him up. I will definitely pay for it later though... ugh.

I am planning on cooking something for dinner every day this week! And for me, that's a big deal. I don't know how to cook very well, even though I have told myself over and over that I am going to learn. I am going to make lasagna tomorrow, so hopefully it will turn out good. And of course Tuesday is Taco Tuesday, so that's an easy meal! But I am still planning out the rest of the week. Hopefully I won't lose motivation when the time actually comes to make dinner haha

well I should probably wake up my little boy... or maybe I will go take a bath before he wakes up on his own. hmm decisions, decisions! I feel like reading some more of my book. :) Have a great week everyone, hopefully it won't be as long as last week was...


chippy11 said...

Good luck with the cooking...its always a challenge to find something to make, and then follow through with it! Lasagna sounds yummy though, maybe I'll try that this week too!

The Aguilars' said...

Hey. I have tons of cookbooks if you need any suggestions. I cook every day for our family. It is a pain but has to be done. Let me know if you need anything.