Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sure you can

Sure Josh, Sam and I will follow you all around the park while you wander and watch the "big kids" play
Sure guys, you can splash in that huge "lake" that is in the middle of the grass in the park. I won't even complain about you splashing me and getting me soaked when you need to be held for 5 seconds. Sure thing boys.
Sure, we can leave the park 5 minutes after we got there when you have talked about playing there all day. Apparently that huge open field with nothing in it is more exciting.
Sure we can stop at this random swing in the park and swing for twenty minutes. Getting off and on 2.5 million times. I feel like the swings at the park would be more fun. I could be wrong though.
Tonight was your night guys. Considering you fell asleep 5 minutes after we got home, I am gonna assume you enjoyed it!

Love Love ♥

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