Monday, January 16, 2012

A New motivation

Lately I have had a new motivation for so many things in my life. I am motivated to organize my house way more than it is, so I can do things with my boys even though we don't have a ton of room. I am motivated to stop eating out and making healthier meals so my boys don't grow up thinking McDonald's is an essential food group. I'm motivated to make my life all about my boys, because they are already growing up way to fast. Now I just need to stick with this motivation. That's the hard part. I have started in their room, I rearranged their closet so Joshua can pick out his own clothes in the morning when he gets dressed (he LOVES this already). Today he had an accident and went upstairs and picked out a pair of shorts and changed all by himself. He was SO proud. I decluttered the boys room and organized our closet as well. Makes me feel like I could actually get somewhere this time with my motivation. I am getting rid of EVERYTHING unnecessary. When you have 2 kids in a 2 bedroom town home there's no room for useless things. I want to start "school" with Joshua. I know he is only 2 years old, I just want to start a little structured time every day so he can hopefully lengthen his attention span a little. We have been doing the ABC's and arts and crafts the last week or so and he loves the one on one time while Sammy takes his morning nap. Next on my list is to start being more organized when it comes to grocery shopping. I am gonna get a list of meals we are making for the week, make sure everything I need for those meals is on my list and go from their. I am gonna make a way more organized snack list and end up with less chips and more fruits and vegetables. The boys are young enough they won't miss the unhealthy foods so we need to change it before its too late :) Wish me luck friends. Because these sweet boys are the only motivation I need to be the best Mom I can possibly be. They deserve it! IMAG1825
Love Love ♥

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