Thursday, September 13, 2012

So we have this idea...

Ryan and I love traveling. It is obviously a lot harder with two little boys in tow :) But we have this idea to start these photo books for our little guys. We want to take a picture of them by the state sign every time we visit a new state. We went to South Dakota this summer before we decided to start this, so we will have to go back! But we got our first pictures a couple weekends ago when we went to Wisconsin for Ryans family BBQ. He has a lot of family there, so we will be visiting there often. But I am excited to find the photo albums we are going to use and start this neat memory for my boys. Hopefully we can actually get to a few places before they are grown and we will have more than three pictures in their albums.

We have this crazy dream that we will make it to the east coast in the next couple years and do an amazing road trip. Crazy right? I know it would be amazing but it would be hard with kids and since we aren't done having kids we are likely to have a little one still in a couple years. But it could be fun.

Here are the first pictures for the album, of course I forgot my camera so all we got was cell phone pictures. But it is better than nothing :)



Has anyone ever done something like this for your kids? How is it working for you?

Love Love ♥


The Engstrands said...

Hey Lady! Neat idea! I scrapbook all of our vacay's in a book each kid has a book...or two ... they are just scrapbooked with our regular pictures...

Hannah {Our Journey Blog} said...

What a cute idea! It's my goal to visit all 50 states, and what great memories you are making with your family! :)